GB-Chemie is an official contract partner of ExxonMobil Chemical in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

GB-Chemie, a company of the Hugo Häffner Group, has been distributing special oxo-alcohols and neo-acids for over 40 years, and the corresponding products of ExxonMobil Chemical for over 25 years.

GB-Chemie is an official contractual partner of ExxonMobil Chemical. The distribution agreement applies to sales in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, primarily for packaged goods. It covers the alcohols marketed under the trade name Exxal as well as ExxonMobil Neo Acids. Exxal alcohols are isomer mixtures of primary, branched aliphatic alcohols; the product portfolio includes chain lengths from C8 to C13.

They are used, for example, as esters or ethoxylates in the field of surface-active substances or as intermediates in other industrial processes. The C5 or C10 based ExxonMobil neoacids are also contained in a variety of products, such as metal salts or chlorides with end applications in the construction or automotive sectors.

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