N-MP Alternatives

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The continuous regulation of chemicals remains a challenge for the industry. But challenges also offer great opportunities for developments.

One of the chemicals that was recently subjected to further restrictions is N-Methyl-Pyrrolidone (NMP), CAS-No. 872-50-4. From May 2020 this product may no longer be placed on the market alone or in mixtures above 0.3% unless the required exposure limits are met for the uses in the relevant chemical safety reports (CSR), when handling the material.

What does this mean for you:

The use of NMP is restricted in the CSR to certain uses and the handling, pure or in mixtures, will be further regulated by May 2020, except for the process of wire coatings, May 2024.

Continuation of NMP use may require investments in engineering controls, PPE and periodic exposure monitoring plans.

What is next:

The EU has indicated that it plans to also regulate the other SVHC listed dipolar aprotic solvents. A clear indication for this is the publication of the draft restriction proposal for DMF, shortly after the publication of the NMP restriction (October 2018).

Are you looking for an alternative for NMP or other SVHC listed solvents?

Then GB can help you. GB-Chemie offers Eastman Tamisolve®NxG, the next generation dipolar aprotic solvent that is not CMR classified or SVHC listed.

Tamisolve® NxG is a versatile, biodegradable dipolar aprotic solvent that is already successfully being used in a wide variety of industrial applications, like PU dispersions coatings, can coatings, tribological coatings, industrial cleaning agents, paint strippers and synthesis solvent for a variety of polymers.

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