Amietol® M12

CAS-Nr.: 105-59-9 | EC-Nr.: 203-312-7

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Amietol M12 (MDEA) is a clear hygroscopic liquid with an amine-like odor. The freshly distilled product is colorless, but prolonged storage may cause a yellowish discoloration.

The principal applications for Amietol M12 include:

The amino-alcohol functionality of MDEA makes it a very useful precursor for fatty ester quaternaries (also called esterquats). These compounds are commonly used as active substances in fabric softeners and are a good alternative to the TEA-esterquats (based on triethanolamine), in terms of both biodegradability and cost/performance.

Typically the MDEA is first esterified with 2 molecules of fatty acid (mostly C12-acid or stearic acid). The amino fatty acid diester is then quaternized with methyl chloride to give the esterquat.

MDEA can be used in the cationic modification of acrylic polymer dispersions.

In the production of silicone-based textile finishing agents, MDEA is used in combination with perfluoroalkyl polymers.

Paper chemicals
By reaction with epichlorohydrin and formic acid hydroxy functionalized quaternary ammonium compounds based on MDEA can be transformed into cationic polyurethanes, useful as paper sizing agents

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