Synergex® T

CAS-Nr.: 102-79-4 | EC-Nr.: 203-055-0

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Synergex™ T is available as a colorless to light yellow liquid with a slight odor.

This high-performance tertiary amine additive is capable of boosting the performance of metalworking fluids. Synergex™ T is a low-odor and low VOC N-alkylalkanolamine ideal for use as a neutralizing agent in semi-synthetic and full-synthetic emulsion lubricants wherein VOC and/or secondary amine issues are a concern. With very low vapor pressure and volatility, Synergex™ T allows for significantly extended fluid life.

The Synergex product line, which includes Synergex™, Synergex™ T and Synergex™ T Plus, greatly enhance the performace of metal working fluid coolants, providing excellent corrosion protection, coupling performance and extended fluid line.

Designed to meet the specific demands of the metalworking fluid market, the Synergex range comprises products that provide extended fluid life, offer enhanced lubricity, have low odor and are harmless. Eastman delivers several amine additives to the power transfer and functional fluid markets, enabling the formulation of products with stable pH throughout the working life of the fluid.

Applications/uses – Lubricants

Key attributes

  • Completely water soluble
  • Enhanced emulsion stability
  • Excellent HES profiles
  • Low odor, low volatility and high flash point
  • Outstanding corrosion inhibition properties
  • Outstanding coupling agent

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